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Innovative experiential training model
Cultural heritage
Skills of young people
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Project code: 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000027707
Project's aim
Design and trial an innovative experiential training model, easily transferable to the national systems involved, which uses cultural heritage as a means to develop the skills of young people, enrich their individual life and aim to play a key role in society.

It uses and protects the cultural heritage by giving young people the opportunity to develop a wealth of skills, through interactive and proactive methods, to face the challenges of the future.

Participation in democratic life
Knowledge of cultural heritage allows young people to expand their awareness, develop educational functions, nurture the feeling of belonging to society and find moments of cohesion.
Inclusion and diversity
Promoting gender equality to break down stereotypes.
Digital transformation
A dynamic, flexible and intuitive e-learning technological infrastructure allow young people to develop and monitor communication skills.

PR 1
Transversal cultural European needs dossier
2022-01-01 / 2022-09-30

PR 2
Investigation and evaluation tools on the perception that young people have of cultural heritage and of being able to protect and enhance it and on the development of transversal skills with cultural Heritage
2022-01-01 / 2022-09-30

PR 3
Innovative educational experiential path
2022-10-01 / 2023-04-30

PR 4
Kit for the development of key transversal experiential cultural skills
2022-10-01 / 2023-04-30

PR 5
Transversal cultural European e-learning platform
2023-02-01 / 2023-12-31

PR 6
Organizational management tool for communication skills
2023-02-01 / 2023-12-31

PR 7
Report of the experimentation of the route in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic
2024-01-01 / 2024-12-31

PR 8
A new path for the development of communication skills: the experiential cultural heritage
2024-01-01 / 2024-12-31

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